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Feelings about Feelings (JK-SK)

Feelings about Feelings (JK-SK)

Feelings about FeelingsFebruary -June, 2019 | Half day only

This workshop is designed to support the four frames:
• Belonging and contributing
• Demonstrate knowledge through engagement in drama, dance, music, and visual arts
• Self-regulation & well-being
• Recognition of the differences in the thinking and feelings of others

Your students will explore the different emotions expressed in our artworks & think about the role they play in social contexts as well as their own well-being. Students will learn how to ‘read’ & understand feelings. We use movement, sound, play, & music, with individual, shared and whole class gallery activities.

In the studio: feel your way through pastel and watercolour techniques to complete an artwork that will express different emotions, which are personal and unique.

Curriculum connections: Fine Arts: elements and principles of design; Language Arts; Social Studies; Drama, Music