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Kinship: Indigenous ways of knowing (Grades 1-2 & 3-5)

Kinship: Indigenous ways of knowing (Grades 1-2 & 3-5)

Kinship Indigenous ways of knowingOctober-December 2018
Half day: Grades 1-2 | Full day: Grades 3-6*

Through the worldview of Indigenous peoples, we take an interpersonal approach to understanding and relating to the world around us. The artworks search for the human relationships with natural elements, broadening students’ perception of influences in their lives. Students will use movement, sound, poetry and some mindful exercises.

Grades 3-5: We take a deeper look at collective identity; how we benefit from an enhanced understanding of cultures, which are strongly influenced by stories & language.

*In the studio: draw inspiration from the unification of Starlings to make a layered response using an involved selection of mixed media to create a visually stunning artwork that represents an appreciation of the natural world.