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School Programs: Grade 1 to Grade 2

School Programs: Grade 1 to Grade 2

This Land; made for you and meThis Land; made for you and me 
Sept-Dec, 2017
Half day, includes studio

Let’s explore the love of our Canadian landscape and our natural environment. This workshop introduces multiple ways of looking at art. We focus on how students can connect the paintings of our landscapes to their own lives and experiences.

Studio: experiment with an assortment of painting, drawing, and resist techniques to create personalized layered relief landscapes.

Curriculum connections: Fine Arts: elements and principles of design; Language arts; Social Studies; Science

People possessions placesPeople, Places, Possessions, Places
Sept-Dec, 2017
Half day or full day, includes studio

People make places; this workshop develops visual literacy. Together we untangle who our people are, what they do, where they may live, and how they contribute to communities. We use critical thinking, inquiry based collaborative investigation and drama.

Studio: by combining portraits and objects, we will create a sense of home experimenting with an assortment of printmaking, drawing techniques, as well as fabric and collage.

Curriculum connections: Fine Arts: elements and principles of design; Language Arts; Social Studies; Drama


Tom Thomson_Friends in FictionTom Thomson: Friends in Fiction
Feb-April, 2018
Full day, includes studio

Our BIG IDEA looks at the narratives of friendships. This workshop follows the journey of a special friendship between Tom & George; what helped them bond? What sacrifices did they make for one another? How did their friendship last, and what did it mean? We use object handling, shared learning, music, stories and drama.

Studio: students make will their own unique accordion book about what friendship means to them, using printmaking techniques, watercolour, collage, and literacy.

Curriculum connections: Fine Arts; elements and principles of design, Language arts, Drama