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School Programs: Grade 6 to Grade 8

School Programs: Grade 7 & 8

In Our Minds

Studio Project Sample

Special Exhibition

October – December 2019

Full-Day Only + Includes Studio

In Our Minds is a new community driven exhibition created together with Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, it reveals front-line, genuine, and powerful messages from individuals who have lived experience of mental illness. Displayed alongside artworks by the abstract expressionist group, Painters 11 are their moving personal stories, through writing, poetry art, and performance.

This workshop gives students the opportunity to develop an enhanced level of empathy and appreciation of mental wellness through the visceral dialogue on our walls. Students will make sense of differing illnesses and see how others have expressed complicated feelings, or found ways to live with them. We build emotional intelligence through interactive exercises including creative language arts, drama and media analysis.

In the studio, students will create a multi-tiered project that communicates feelings or experiences through visual language and words to better understand themselves. Using mixed media and drawing techniques, as well as poetry, students will work responsively to music.

Curriculum connections: Fine Arts, Media Language Arts, Social Studies, Drama, Digital Literacy