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School Programs: Grade 7 & 8

School Programs: Grade 7 & 8

A Slice of MediaA Slice of Media
Jan-June, 2018
Half day or full day, includes studio

We explore the key concepts of media literacy; developing visual skills in interpreting mass media and popular culture. We, analyze, and understand the role media plays in our lives. Our gallery walls become the equivalent of a web feed of different information. Using open-ended investigations; our BIG IDEAS look at media messages in, music, news, fake news, advertising targets and culture.

Dig deeper into the messages rather than just observing them at surface value. We empower students to understand and take control of the media instead of the media taking control of them.

Studio: inspired by digital media layouts students will create a very unique piece of artwork that incorporates acrylic & watercolors drawing techniques and literacy.

Curriculum connections: 
Fine Arts, Media Language Arts, Social Studies, History, Drama, Digital Literacy


People places IMPACTPeople, Places, IMPACT
Gr.7-8, Sept-Dec 2017
Half or day-includes studio

Throughout history, Canada has been deeply intertwined with industrial interests around land such the extraction of oil and gas. In this investigative workshop, students will critically analyze artworks to discover how industry and environment collide and the IMPACT imminent future plans may have on our environment & ecosystem.

Students will appreciate the biodiversity of Canada and perhaps want to become a “human ambassador” for this fragile land!

Studio: illustrate the plight by creating thought provoking wildlife silhouetted landscapes using pastels, inks, and watercolours.

Curriculum connections: Fine Arts: elements and principles of design; Language Arts; Drama


who's land is it anywayTom Thomson: Who’s Land is it Anyways?
Feb-April, 2018
Full day, includes studio

Our BIG IDEA looks at the true value of land to Indigenous peoples, and to all the people of Canada.

During this full-day immersion program, your students will learn about the deep-rooted relationship Indigenous Peoples have with their land, and how this land has historically been the centre of their culture. We will talk about the ownership of their land by exploring stories, history, and treasures to discover the truth.

Studio: experiment with watercolour and acrylic techniques, collage, symbolism and woven poetry to create unique and personal landscapes.

Curriculum connections: Fine Arts, Media Language Arts, Social Studies, History, Drama, Digital Literacy