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School Programs: Indigenous Studies Grade 3 to Grade 8

Indigenous Vividness

Special Exhibition

Indigenous Vividness

Gr.3 – 5 & 6 – 8

February 01 – April 17, 2020

Full-Day Only + Includes Studio

This workshop provides an exceptional opportunity to understand how contemporary Indigenous art supports cultural revitalization. The dynamic artworks, rooted in beliefs and traditions, explore land, language, indigenous histories, stereotypes and presence in a visually breathtaking way. Together we will use poetry, digital media, and problem solving games, role-play and some mindful exercises to unify intercultural awareness.

Studio Sample

Grades 6 – 8: We take a deeper dive into the issues surrounding tar sands oil extraction, and environmental stewardship vs human needs.

In the studio we use painting and mixed media, The content is based on the four elements and student voice of Canadian environmental concerns. The students will produce a personalized and meaningful response to the modern perspectives on Indigenous issues as seen through the lens of the artists on display.

Curriculum connections: Fine Arts, Media Language Arts, Social Studies, History, Drama, Digital Literacy