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School Programs: for JK & SK

Natural JourneysNatural Journeys
Jan-June, 2018
Half day only – includes studio

Gallery: Your students will navigate their way through the growth of nature, inspired by our immersive, stunning and HUGE steel plates of flora and fauna. Together we explore the basics through interactive, playful, and musical gallery activities.

use drawing and watercolour techniques to create bright and beautiful floral still life artworks that grow beyond the borders of their paper.

Curriculum connections: Visual Arts: elements and principles of design; Language Arts; Fine Arts; Social Studies; Drama

Friends in fiction JK_SKTom Thomson: Friends in Fiction
Feb-April, 2018
Half day only – includes studio

Gallery: Our BIG IDEA looks at what it means to be a good friend. This workshop explores the life skills of friendship; using kind language, helping out, doing kind things, spending time together, having fun and making compromises. We use object handling, shared learning, music, poetry and drama.

students will use different printmaking techniques to create a personal work of art about the meaning of friendship.

Curriculum connections: Fine Arts; elements and principles of design, Language arts, Drama