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School Programs: for JK to Grade 2

JK to Grade 2

Gallery and Studio Activities

90 min.
10-60 students

Combine and Save Discount Options:

$12/ student for Gallery Visit and Classroom Visit
$18/ student for Gallery Visit and Special Exhibition Visit and Classroom Visit


Lowrie Warrener (1900 - 1983); Solemn Grandeur, French River; 1926; oil on board; Purchase, 1983

Lowrie Warrener (1900 – 1983); Solemn Grandeur, French River; 1926; oil on board; Purchase, 1983

Express Yourself – available April 24 thru June 27

Gallery: There is no one way to create art. This program enriches and enhances students’ appreciation of their own creative selves. Using engaging hands-on activities in the galleries, we examine the power of colour, line, and form to celebrate self-expression and different ways to communicate feelings and ideas.

Drawing and Painting Studio: We are creating BIG artworks by experimenting with physical movement, gesture and materials. This workshop is an exercise in bringing creativity to life while animating the body.


Sculpture Studio: Inspired by hard-edge abstraction, we are working with geometric forms, to design and build an impressive sculpture that can be transformed and manipulated countless ways.




RMG at School: Classroom Visit


90 min

15-25 students


Art Starts at School: Portraits

Art Talk: What is your story? Explore the world of portraits and narrative paintings in a hands-on and interactive presentation. Discuss artists’ use of colour and other elements of art to communicate ideas of emotion and individual expression.

Mixed Media Activity: Can you create a self-portrait without pens and pencils? We will use torn pieces of layered, coloured and patterned papers to explore basic colour theory and expressive faces.

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