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Unspoken Emotion (Grades 6-8)

Unspoken Emotion (Grades 6-8)

unspoken emotion









February-June, 2019  |  Full day only

Emotions enable us to embrace life with honesty, creativity, and enthusiasm, feelings enliven us, understanding them keeps us healthy. This workshop takes some risks and opens the door to discussion and interactives around, sadness & grief, hope, loyalty, tech rage and mindful stress reduction. Inspired by our artworks, students will build emotional intelligence through individual and collaborative activities including visual literacy, game-play and drama.

In the studio: students will create a triptych that expresses how emotions are open to interpretation and can have a positive or negative outcome. Using printmaking and drawing techniques, as well as literacy, students will work responsively to music.

Curriculum connections: Fine Arts, Media Language Arts, Social Studies, History, Drama, Digital Literacy