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Board of Directors

Photo by Brilynn Ferguson

The RMG is grateful to our Board of Directors for their guidance and leadership.

Board of Directors Executive
Cheryl Blackman, Chair
Carrie Williamson, Vice Chair
Tracy Greig, Treasurer
Gerard O’Neill, Secretary
Kevin Dougherty, Past Chair

Board of Directors
Shashi Bhatia
Georgia Fullerton
Aleksi Moriarty
Olivia Petrie
Mary Simpson
Nick Swerdfeger
Kegan Winters

Council’s Representative
Councillor Derek Giberson


Past Chairs

Mr. Ian Biggar 1969
Dr. B.Wood 1970-1971
Mr. E.F.Bastedo 1972-1973
Mr. E.Samuel 1974-1975
Judge Donald Dodds 1976-1977
Mr. C.S.McTavish 1978
Ms. Mae Nurse 1979
Mr. Terry Kelly 1980-1981
Ms. Doris Lane 1982
Ms. Frances Jones 1983-1984
Mr. Ron Worby 1985-1987
Mr. Jack Wiley 1988-1989
Mr. Terry Russell 1990-1991
Ms. Meral Altinbilek 1992-1993
Ms. Judy Spring 1994-1996
Mr. Millar Drummond 1996-1998
Mr. Stephen Rowlands 1998-2001
Mr. John Bell 2001-2003
Mr. Jeff Rosenthal 2005-2008
Ms. Jan Lean 2008-2010
Mr. Michael Crunkhorn 2010-2012
Mr. Richard Mazar 2012-2013
Dr. Christine Castle, 2013-2015
Malcolm MacTaggart, 2015-2015
Olivia Petrie, 2015-2017

Kevin Dougherty, 2017 – 2019