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Jeff Mann: Hundertwasser meets Oshawa

Residency: Jeff Mann

January 24, 2018 - March 04, 2018

Are you an apartment dweller? Do you ever wish the outside of your apartment said as much about you as the inside? Hunderwasser, the Austrian painter, suggested that residents of urban spaces should be able to paint, as far as they could reach, the outside of their apartment walls.

Jeff Mann, who will be resident artist at ArtLab from Jan 24- March 4 2018, agrees with Hundertwasser and would like to give you a chance not ony to imagine that, but to paint a mock version of your outside wall and to get yourself photographed inside it. This is part of a larger project that will be going on concurrently at Lakeview Housing in Oshawa.

Since Jeff will only be resident at certain times, please e-mail him at if you’re interested and set up a time to visit with him.