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RMG Shop

The RMG Shop is staffed by our volunteers who are essential to the success of the operation. Publications from current and recent exhibitions, as well as art catalogues and gifts by local artisans are available. Your purchase at the RMG Shop supports the RMG!

We feature popular Canadian artisans such as AIDE Bodycare, Honey & Tea, Peter Martin’s Soapstone Sculptures and Hen+Bear Jewelry.

If you are interested in becoming a consignment artist at the RMG Shop, please contact Carla Sinclair  at for more information.


Catalogues published by The Robert McLaughlin Gallery of past and current exhibitions may be purchased through the Gallery Gift Shop. Orders may also be placed through the Gallery’s distributor: ABC Art Books Canada

Current and Recent Exhibition Catalogues:

  • Beyond Measure: Domesticating Distance, Curated by Ambereen Siddique
  • Legacies: Teri Donovan, Alexandra Luke, Gwen MacGregor, Isabel McLaughlin, Curated by Margaret Rodgers, 2017
  • Visitor Information, Curated by Linda Jansma and Jayne Wilkinson, 2017
  • Jay Dart: Field Guide to Yawnder, Curated by Sonya Jones, 2016
  • Liminal: Lucie Chan, Jérôme Havre, Curated by Pamela Edmonds, 2016
  • Holly King: Edging Towards the Mysterious, Curated by Linda Jansma and Francine Paul, 2016
  • Jock Macdonald: Evolving Form, Curated by Ian Thom, Linda Jansma, Michelle Jacques, 2015
  • Boxing: The Sweet Science, Essays by Linda Jansma and Stephen Brunt, 2015
  • Running on Empty: Kim Adams, John Massey, Kate Puxley, Shayne Ehman + Seth Scriver, Monica Tap, Elinor Whidden with Jean-Luc Godard, Curated by Heather Nicol, 2015
  • Reading the Talk: Michael Belmore, Hannah Claus, Patricia Deadman, Vanessa Dion Fletcher, Keesic Douglas, Melissa General, Curated by Rachelle Dickenson and Lisa Myers, 2014
  • Ron Shuebrook: Drawings, Curated by John Kissick, 2014
  • Viewfinders: Lesa Moriarity, Mike Berube, and Christine Lucy Latimer, Curated by Sonya Jones, 2014
  • Capturing Canada: Historic Prints from the Collection of EY, Curated by Edward G. Phillips and Gabrielle Peacock, 2014
  • Ian Johnston: Reinventing Consumption, Curated by Ihor Holubizky, Linda Jansma, Wendy Peart, 2014
  • CGP: A Vital Force, Curated by Alicia Boutilier, 2013
  • Christopher McNamara: Falling in Place, Curated by Carl Lavay, Linda Jansma, 2013
  • Drift, Micah Donovan. Essay by Malcolm Sutton, 2013
  • Making Methods: Becky Ip, Sam Mogelonsky, Mark Stebbins, Curator and author Linda Jansma, contributing author Darryl Doull, 2013
  • The Collaborationists: Jennifer Marman & Daniel Borins, Curators and authors Melissa Bennett and Linda Jansma, 2013
  • Toni Hamel, Curator and author Sonya Jones, 2013

Popular Titles:

  • A Bauhausler in Canada: Andor Weininger in the ‘50s, 2009
  • Nobuo Kubota: Hokusai Revisited, 2008
  • Razzle Dazzle: The Uses of Abstraction, 2008
  • Mary Anne Barkhouse: Boreal Baroque, 2007
  • Arnaud Maggs: Nomenclature, 2006
  • “1953”, 2003
  • Nell Tenhaaf: Fit/Unfit, 2003
  • Kazuo Nakamura: The Method of Nature, 2001
  • Alexandra Luke: Continued Searching, 1987
  • Canadian Artists of the Second World War, 1981
  • Painters Eleven in Retrospect, 1979
  • The Birth of the Modern: Post-Impressionism in Canadian Art, c. 1900-1920