Community Curates Week 4

Welcome to week four of our Community Curates project. Nearing half-way through, we’ve been surprised by some of the results. The majority of selected works have been landscapes. In response to this, we’ve selected two works this week for your consideration that are challenges to the traditional approach to landscape. 

As yet, no abstract works have been selected. We think this is because people are most drawn to what is familiar to them, but it could be any number of factors leading to the popular choices! Out of the six works selected, three have been historical, two are figurative and four are landscapes. It’s interesting to watch the results! 

On to this week’s voting!

Week 4:


1. Barry Smylie (Canadian, b. 1948)

Corollary  1988

lithograph on paper

Purchase, 1989



2. Linda Ward Selbie (Canadian, b. 1949)

Treacherous Terrain  1991

Konica colour print on paper

Gift of the artist and Andrew Selbie, 1991


3. F.S. Coburn (Canadian, 1871 – 1960)

The Actress  n.d.

conte and coloured crayon on paper

Donated by the Ontario Heritage Foundation, 1988



4. Michael A. Sowdon (Canadian, b. 1948)

Untitled No. 1  1974

offset lithograph on paper

Gift of the Ontario Arts Council, 1974


5. William Ronald (Canadian, 1926 – 1998)

Untitled  1953

ink on paper

Gift of the artist, 1970


Community Curates Week 3

We’ve encountered an unexpected result in last week’s voting! We had a tie for second place. As a result, we’ll be hosting a tie-breaking vote on our Facebook Fan Page in our Window Wednesday album. If you want to help settle the tie between Milne’s Red Church and Seguin’s Untitled, be sure to like us on Facebook to recieve the notification we have posted the showdown! Bevington’s Tracks was our first place winner. 

In this week’s voting we present five diverse works for your consideration. Be sure to vote and let us know what you think in the comments. Thank you!

Week 3:


1. Caven Atkins (Canadian, 1907-2000)

Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec  1937

watercolour on paper; Purchase, 1980


2. Bill Laing (Canadian, b. Scotland, 1944)

Monday Afternoon  1976

etching on paper

Gift of Ken Carpenter, 1983



3. Les Levine (Canadian, b. Ireland, 1935)

Chest X-ray  1966

photo-serigraph on acetate

Purchase, 1970


4. Stephen Livick (Canadian, b. England, 1945)

Untitled (from Amerika series)  1976

platinum print on Arches watercolour paper

Gift of Ernie and Rivette Herzig, 2000


5. Miriam Squires (Canadian, 1914-2005)

Untitled No.3  1984

watercolour and paper on paper

Gift of Isabel McLaughlin, 1989 


Community Curates Week 2

Here’s your chance to vote in Week 2 of our Community Curates project! Click here to see the results from Week 1.

Last week we were asked in the comments why we did not include the dimensions of the works. This was an intentional choice. Leaving out the dimensions allows there to be an element of surprise when you come to the gallery in September to see these works hung. Some large, some small, these works will look quite different in person than they do online. Part of what makes this project interesting is the dynamic between seeing works online and then later on, in person. Our Window Wednesdays project on Facebook illustrates to us that our ‘fans’ enjoy us bringing the gallery to them through social media, but we’ve heard many comments that they are surprised when seeing the works in the gallery how different they appear. Size, texture, richness and tone are lost on screen. 

Here are this week’s selections. Have your say. Top two choices will be hung in the gallery from 23 September, 2011 to 11 March, 2012.

Week 2:


1. Stanley Bevington (Canadian, b.1943)

Tracks (Editions 1)  1974

offset photolithograph on paper

Gift of the Ontario Arts Council, 1974


2. David Bierk (Canadian, b. U.S.A., 1944 – 2002)

Covering Repression (Arts Against Repression)  1982

serigraph and photolithograph on paper

Purchase, 1982


3. David Milne (Canadian, 1882 – 1953)

Red Church, No. 3  1941

watercolour and graphite on paper

Gift from the Douglas M. Duncan Collection, 1970


4.Tutzi Haspel Seguin (Canadian, 1911-2009)

Untitled  n.d.

etching and aquatint on paper

Gift of Joan Murray, Whitby, 1996


5. Alan Weinstein (Canadian, b. 1939)

Vizier  1971

etching and drypoint on paper

Gift of the artist, 1976


Community Curates Week 1

Welcome to the inaugural week of our Community Curates project! In order to curate an exhibition that will be on from 23 September, 2011 to 11 March, 2012, we need your help!

The RMG permanent collection includes over 1300 works on paper that are stored in our vault in solander boxes to maintain their condition. Works on paper especially are susceptible to damage from light and as a result they aren’t as often shown in our gallery spaces. We wanted to share some of these hidden gems and have our visitors decide which ones will be shown.

Here is our first week’s selection of images. You are able to vote for your favourite and the top 2 selected will be hung in the gallery space. Stay tuned each week as 5 new selections are posted for your votes!

What will the community curate from our collection? We are looking forward to finding out!

Week 1:



1. Isabel McLaughlin (Canadian, 1903-2002)
Untitled  n.d.
watercolour over graphite on paper
Gift of the estate of Isabel McLaughlin, 2003




2. John Lander (Canadian, 1951 – 1992)
At Chanteclair  1973
serigraph on paper
Purchase, 1976 




3. John Street (Canadian, b. 1942)
Untitled  1971
serigraph on paper
Purchase, 1973



4. William Blair Bruce (Canadian, 1859 – 1906)
Looking Towards Le Havre  1885
oil on paper
Purchased with the assistance of the Government of Canada through the Cultural Property Export and Import Act, 1986



5. Alan Flint (Canadian, b. 1958)
Lost  1995
woodcut on paper, A/P
Gift of Ihor Holubizky, 1998