Blooming Thoughts

Drawing Activity

What’s on your mind? Blooming from the head, draw visual representations of thoughts, feelings, and/or experiences you are having. You can be literal. Thinking about cats? Draw a cat. Experiencing difficult emotions? Perhaps draw a storm cloud. Focusing on beauty and growth? Perhaps draw some flowers. You can take this drawing prompt in whatever direction you want. You don’t even need to work with recognizable images! Try using abstract shapes, colours, or words.

To download a copy of these instructions that you can print at home click here.

This art activity is inspired by our virtual exhibition Oshawa in Bloom. Don’t forget to share your artwork with us using the hashtag #thermgFromHome

Drawing Templates

Let your mind wander free and translate your thoughts on to paper using one of the drawing templates below. Select a template, download the PDF and print, or save as a digital copy and use it in a digital drawing/sketch program!