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Celebrating Nurses and Caregivers

Public Engagement Art Activity

By artist Dani Crosby

Participation window closes Monday May 4, 2020 at 11:59PM EST.

To download a PDF of this project to share Click Here!

This special project is all about celebrating nurses and all caregivers by inviting members of the public to submit
their stories, feelings and moments. Tell us about the lives of nurses and caregivers you know. Help us celebrate them!

Nurses and caregivers play an important part in all our lives both directly and indirectly and come from people
in many different roles; a professional, a friend, a partner, or a family member.

These stories will be collected and turned into portraits by local artist Dani Crosby. She will visually honour, represent, and acknowledge the qualities and experiences of your nurses and caregivers. We will be uploading the portraits onto the RMG website for you to download for free. You will be able to find your voices and experiences in the artworks!

All stories will be shared anonymously without the name of the author or any names from within the story. Don’t worry about editing names out, we will do it for you!

We appreciate your participation!

Along with the completed portraits, full stories as well as portions from stories submitted will be shared throughout
May and June on the RMG website and on RMG’s social media channels.

This project is designed to cultivate compassion and empathy for the nurses and all caregivers in this community and beyond. Please contribute to these unique visual illustrations of the often-unseen challenges and joys experienced daily by our nurses and caregivers.

How to participate:

  1. Select a writing prompt that best represents your situation below
  2. Answer as many of the questions below that you can or would like to
  3. The format can be a story, just a sentence or two, or a train of thought…whatever you like!
  4. Submit your responses directly to the artist via email and be sure to include Celebrating Nurses and Caregivers in the subject line. Please email: Dani Crosby at [email protected]

Optional prompts to get you started writing about nurses or
caregivers. Please tell us…

  • how a nurse or other caregiver has helped you or
    someone you know.
  • about the personality of a nurse or caregiver you know.
  • about some of the things a nurse or caregiver you know
  • some of the greatest challenges faced by a nurse or
    caregiver you know.
  • some of the greatest joys experienced by a nurse or caregiver you know.

Optional prompts to get you started writing from the perspective of a nurse or caregiver. Please tell us…

  • what kind of caregiver you are.
  • some of the greatest joys you have known as a nurse
    or caregiver.
  • some of the greatest challenges you have faced as a
    nurse or caregiver.
  • about some of your favourite things you enjoy outside
    of nursing or being a caregiver.
  • what society could do to make your job as a
    nurse or caregiver easier.
  • what words of support you wish you could
    hear from others.

To see examples of symbolic portraits based on collected stories previously created by Dani Crosby please visit this link:


Dani Crosby, Portrait 1 , Durham Region Portrait Project, 2019. Courtesy of the artist.