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Come Out, Come Out Call

Call for Images!

“Come Out, Come Out”

The Robert McLaughlin Gallery + The Totally Outright Program

“Come Out, Come Out” will run at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery from 
April 18 – August 23, 2020.


The Robert McLaughlin Gallery and The Totally Outright program at the AIDs Committee of Durham Region are seeking images that depict local, queer history for inclusion in the Thomas Bouckley Collection.

The Thomas Bouckley Collection is a digitized collection of over 3,000+ photographs that visualize the history of Oshawa and Durham Region. While Thomas Bouckley amassed a large number of images and documented many stories, the collection lacks the stories and perspectives of many of Oshawa and Durham Region’s marginalized communities.

For an upcoming, 2020 exhibition titled “Come Out, Come Out” at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, we are seeking images that represent local, queer histories and stories. The project aims to challenge this act of omission from the historical record by including these previously untold stories in the Thomas Bouckley Collection and promoting the further inclusion of photographs from marginalized communities, so their stories can be preserved and shared.

This project began when 2019 Totally Outright Participants learned from The Arquives about the importance of documenting and knowing your local history and began both seeking images and actively documenting history as it has been happening this year.


We want YOUR photos! To submit images to this project, please contact: Sonya Jones, Curator of Collections at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, [email protected]

*Please ensure that you have permission to share and publish the images you are submitting and that you have a media release/consent form, if applicable. 



Do the photographs have to be historical or from a specific time period?

No, the photographs can be from any time period. History is being made every day!

What types of images are you looking for?

We are looking for everything from vernacular photographs (everyday snapshots) and historical images to current documentation of your community, amateur or professional.

How do I know if the photograph I would like to submit is significant enough?

The collection currently contains images of everything from plane crashes and floods, to snowy backyards and birthday parties. Images of your stories, experiences, and your loved ones allow people in the future to look back and remember or learn. Your community organizers, your spaces, your events etc. are all important.