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Emerging Visions: Ainsley Stewart

Freeing the Subconscious


I once experienced a vulnerable point in my life, where I was constantly questioning my self-worth. I was fragile and felt broken, but with time and help, I began to grow. Now I see the beauty in fragility and admire how beautifully delicate we humans are.

When it comes to making my artwork, I tend to put my emotions or feelings within my pieces; whether the artworks evoke sensitivity or concern, there will always be an emotional and vulnerable meaning behind them, that the viewers may resonate with.

My artworks often involve bright and cheerful colours, no matter what the hidden message is within. At first glance they may seem beautiful and happy, but longer pondering begins to reveal their underlying and raw meanings.

With love comes complications and with lust comes guilt, but those are pleasures that we humans need and crave; there is beauty to be seen within fragility and weakness, and there is beauty within the simplicity of things.