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Emerging Visions: Erica Rand

the WHIMSICAL and the REAL


It all started out with an idea of painting a giraffe’s head in the clouds, evolving into a life-sized animal surrounded by seemingly lower clouds emphasizing its grand height. As I began to work on my giraffe I also began to work on myself. The giraffe is a constant reminder for me to keep my head up, just keep going because I’ve been doing everything I can to improve myself each and every day. The title of the piece came to me as I reflected back on my journey and I named the piece Confidence.

I’ve been enjoying working in the style of surrealism. It has made me feel a lot more creative with my work. Began in fourth semester, the painting theme we came up with as a class was “Space/Ocean.” Many ideas came to mind, but the concept that resonated with me the most creatively was an octopus floating in space carrying all the planets with their tentacles, with the one eye as the moon and the other with the “non-planet” Pluto. The octopus represents the sun with its bright colours, that was the birth of my surrealism art journey.

I’ve always had a deep connection to painting animals using bright vivid colours to show how beautiful animals are. My next plans for my journey as an artist is to make more life-sized paintings of other animals, then to have an exhibition of animals of all forms of life in one room.