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Emerging Visions: Erin Christenson

Do You Know Who You Are?


Sometimes it’s a white noise and static, sometimes it’s every radio station playing at once. My thesis is a collection of works pertaining to my experiences with self identity and mental illness. I use my art as a form of therapy and a form of self expression. I personify my feelings into paintings and sculptures.

My current body of work consists of acrylic paintings. With each painting, I create a mood and a feeling. Each piece gives the viewer a different glance into my mind and my emotions. Using palette knives, I create a very expressive composition.

Through my life, I have struggled with my identity, who I am, how I see myself, and how others see me. My thesis is a collection of works exploring these struggles. I put a part of myself into every work I create. Each piece helps to give an insight into who I am.