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Emerging Visions: Gabby Boileau

The History of GAMES

Why do we like games? Is it because deep down, we all enjoy a little competition? Or is it because we simply enjoy being entertained? Maybe it’s a little of both?

Games within our history are said to date back as far as 2000 BC; but theoretically, this might not be entirely true. While hard to believe, games are actually a fundamental part of our makeup; used in every culture and in limitless, diverse ways. Humans thrive in competition of evolution and while every society progresses differently, we have all got one thing in common… the desire to be entertained!

This desire is so undoubtedly strong, that we were in fact playing games before we could even walk or speak! Clapping in rhythm for instance is something we have all done but have most likely never analyzed. This is because our inherently emotional selves instinctively yearn to connect with others, and thus, games are trusted to be one of the oldest subconscious methods used to achieve social interaction with one another.

My innovative spirit for this thesis began when I created a giant die in woodshop for school. By the time I had completed it, I’d impressed myself with my ability to construct such an artistically charming, but yet functional piece, that I consequently advanced my research into the history of dice. This research inevitably developed into the theory behind games and I became inspired by how they inadvertently connect us all.

As a woodworking artist, I enjoy designing creative pieces that produce a connection or reason to think. My objective is for people to tactically experience and utilize the functionality of my works.

I am an artist who is driven by self-fulfillment and I am ambitious to one day make a mark on this world with my art. Some special thanks go to Dave Fletcher and Mike Beaton for all of their guidance and assistance.