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Emerging Visions: Jahdira Subner



My Thesis pieces take on a different view of cosmetic surgery and the future of robotic limbs. I use the idea of the bio-robotic orthosis in a way that could be viewed as fashionable and a part of future streetwear culture. My artwork invites the viewer to imagine a world where robotics parts are used to accentuate the human body. Instagram influencer India love is the focal point of the oil painting titled Forward and, throughout the painting, symbolism of transformation is seen while including surrealism into the piece. The fashion of waist-high boots and the desire connected to jewels, silver, and the female leg, inspired Leg Enhancement Prototype, 1, which is part of my Metamorphosis series. The skeleton for Leg Enhancement Prototype, 1 was created using wood and metal wire. My own leg was used for the shape of the sculpture using plaster casts. I then added the mold to my skeleton and held it up using metal wires, newspapers, and more plaster. After the sculpture finished drying, I spray painted it with chrome paint and added my clay designs and wires from found objects.