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Emerging Visions: Lon Carmichael


As an artist, I find myself using my work as a way to convey my inner thoughts, dreams and ideas. Being able to take an idea and bring it to life is a very rewarding experience. Currently, my interest is in wildlife, nature, global warming, and creating a message or story using my art. I’ve always thought having a message helps give your art a meaning and makes it a powerful tool to inspire change. For my painting practice, I’ve been incorporating gold leaf, diamond dust, modelling paste, and resin in my work.  Previously, I painted a white rhino and used gold leaf to showcase the value of the rhino horn and help spread awareness of the fading rhino population. My thesis displays critically endangered animals and sheds light on the poaching crisis in Africa.  My main focus has been on the “Big 5,” which are the top five hunted animals in Africa. I also wanted to touch on the highest trafficked animal in Africa, the pangolin.  My thesis ideas are expressed through multiple paintings and sculptures including a life-sized white rhino sculpture. My ultimate objective as an artist would be to create a compelling body of work that not only captivates, but engages my viewers and challenges their perspective.