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Emerging Visions: Matthew Bellman

Fictional Characters, Concepts, and Stories Development


Characters are fun to create, especially when we put the work into and fleshing them out, but more-so for the stories that are made and told about them. Here are four such original characters that I have developed. Each one of them is a work in progress. I have pending plans to realize them, one at a time.

For example: Donath of the Besark. In the Bear-Talon Mountains, in the north-east of the province of Vyntrest lives the fierce warrior tribe known as the Besark. Here, Donath – son of an introspective traveling warrior and the fierce, yet beautiful, scarlet haired Amazonian warrior of the tribe – strives to earn his worth in spite of scorn and ridicule for having the blood of an outsider in his veins. After a brutal raid from a rival tribe, Donath sets out alongside his fellow companions, eager to do what he can to help the tribe recover from the brink… and also for revenge for the loss of his father Osric.