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Emerging Visions: Rhiannon Isles



What does navigating through trauma look like?

GLITTER is a personal visualization of trauma, fear, and chronic situations. It embodies what it’s like to not only experience something traumatic, but the emotions and life changes that follow.

Glitter is a difficult and environmentally detrimental material to work with, and nearly impossible to clean up or get rid of. It will often “follow” you long after its use.

This speaks to my thesis, where trauma and chronic situations can be impactful and challenging to deal with. They will often follow you throughout your life, manifesting in both positive and negative ways.

I decided to incorporate glitter into my paintings, decorating the piece Been Alone Since You Were 21, You Haven’t Laughed Since January in shimmering layers of glitter glue.

All of the work is intentionally different in its subject matter, to represent the different ways life-changing experiences can affect us. My thesis is an attempt to visualize emotions and experiences that can’t be put into words.