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Emerging Visions: Sarah Gubala

Ever Changing Environment


The environment around us is always changing and due to our environmental impact, it is becoming worse, to the point that global warming is almost irreversible. Our forests used to be lush and thriving and now, because civilization has been cutting down mass amounts of trees and damaging the air with pollution, soon there won’t be any wildlife to admire. This piece done with acrylic shows the repercussions of our selfishness: overfishing, forest fires, and sparse lifeless forests. I want society to think about their daily habits, such as bringing reusable bags when shopping if they tend to gravitate towards single-use plastics or something more sustainable, or ow much they drive even when it’s somewhere close as opposed to walking. Small changes in everyday life will make this a healthier planet for the younger generations. Instead of being selfish we should be thinking of our wildlife and making this a happy place for them to thrive.