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Emerging Visions: Sean McKie

Out of Mind


For my Thesis assignment, I was hoping to do a self-reflective collection of artworks that involve both paintings and drawings of the different aspects of myself in the form of four different characters that represent a different part of myself as an individual named Eggsy, Ace, Merlin, and Simon. I am not a very outspoken person, or at least someone who is very good at expressing himself all that well, so I thought I could do so through these characters since they are so important to me.

The Drawings are the main artworks. There are eight in total and at least two are dedicated to each of the four characters, each representing opposing ideas. Take Eggsy, for example, he is the more logical and reserved, but also prone to overthinking things and despite his reserved nature his is also the most hot-blooded if things don’t go his way. So, the two drawings for that character are based on order and disorder.

My painting represents being surrounded by the online media space and how it allows us to gain so much information, maybe too much that you might get too caught up in. I thought Eggsy would be the best fit for this project since he is more used to technology. His head takes up nine TV monitors while the other sixteen having either major news channels like CNN, entertainment channels like Cartoon network, and social media sites like twitter.