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Emerging Visions: Tristan Kellar

In an Instant


Being told that your mother could die from cancer is an odd thing to hear when you’re only seven years old.

Understanding how fragile our mortal lives are was another big hurdle to jump over. Cancer affects everyone in some way, a ruthless disease that quickly spreads throughout the body and becomes a life changing endeavor.

Through my series of paintings, I document the stages of cancer from conception to recovery as a way of making sense of my experiences with cancer.

Cancer is in many ways a malevolent God, where millions of people dedicate their lives to cracking the secrets of cancer and finding a cure. Cancer has always been with us and is not a new disease in human history; evidence in renaissance art depicts women living with breast cancer.

My paintings also serve as a visual diary, their purpose to present what I felt when I learned of the potential devastation that cancer can create, as well as the fear, the anger and the uncertainty of the future. Time seems to move much faster when someone you love is going through cancer. A common question among cancer patients is “how much time do I have?” Time is of the utmost importance during this time of crisis because we really do not know how much time is left.