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Emerging Visions: Valentina Ruas

A Collection of Dreams


A collection of dreams. The inspiration came last year when I was looking at the works of Dorothea Tanning. She is an artist who has dreamlike works. I thought about what dreams are. Are they a world of our own? Do they come from the events of our day? Why do we dream? Dreams are like an escape or a reliving of our days. At least they are for me. For my works, I wanted to show my dreams. I started with one painting of a room with jars filled with worlds on the shelf, then with one jar in the middle. The meaning behind this was storing your dreams, as if in our minds, we collect our dreams and put them in jars. After that I thought about painting in jars, taking what I had done in the painting and bringing it to life and creating my own collection of dreams. To do this, I created a dream journal of words and sketches trying to remember my dreams. I had never painted in a jar before, but I was very interested in the medium. The way I did it was by reverse painting: painting the lightest colours first. I created little dream worlds that came from the different areas of my mind affected my day and my thoughts. Our dreams are personal and a way to escape or to show us our fears. We are the creators of our dream worlds and we control what they look like.