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RMG Summer Art Camp in a Box

Already purchased a box? Download the Summer Art Camp in a Box Manual here and view weekly inspirational and instructional videos on the dedicated playlist on our Youtube Channel.


In lieu of summer camp for the month of August, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery has created a unique fine art box program.

We have come up with a special formula for our art boxes that are sure to expand creativity and open up a world of possibilities for art-making at home, not to mention it’s SUPER convenient!

How it works:

We are offering ONE large box of supplies, instead of the commonly offered weekly box. The box will have a significant collection of high quality fine art materials as well as specially packaged additional items such as handmade stencils, textures, collage materials, and printed resources. From this single box we have created 18 projects with both printed instructions and online videos. The YouTube inspiration and instruction videos are produced by our beloved summer staff onsite in our gallery, in front of the artworks, and in our studio.

The box includes:

  1. 18 downloadable visual step-by-step instructions for each project. Instructional videos will be released on YouTube each week for 6 weeks
  2. All materials needed for each project such as, watercolour palettes, acrylic paint sets, artist pastels, a full printmaking kit, canvas boards…you get the idea! We wanted our box projects to be as close to the real RMG camp experience as possible; Fun, Smart & Messy with a little RMG magic.

Fun, Smart & Messy

All the projects are inspired by our collections and current or forthcoming exhibitions, have depth and meaning, and include participant choice and voice. They are simple, but challenging, and engaging for all skill levels ages 7 and up. You could visit, and then go home and make an art project together that really gives your experience breadth. Scroll down to see a more detailed listing of project themes and materials by week.

Projects coming out of the box include:

  • Seascape Printmaking
  • Painters 11 & The Streets
  • Textile Block Printmaking
  • Graffiti Names
  • Family Story
  • Comic Cityscapes

The project instruction videos are released each week and are available on our YouTube channel


Booking + Pick-up Information

Full box with all materials with 18 projects: Members $150 | Non-members $160  28 boxes available

To book a summer camp art box, please fill out the booking form and select a pick-up time from the options listed. Please note that boxes must be picked up at the RMG and we are not able to offer shipping.

Subsidy Program in Partnership with Companies Who Care

As part of a bursary program supported by Companies Who Care, we are giving away 12 Summer Camp Art Boxes. To see if you qualify we ask that you fill out and book your box using this confidential form. If you require assistance with this form, please contact Saira Knowles, Manager of Learning + Engagement, at [email protected] or Jennifer Welch, Family + Learning Lead, at [email protected]

These boxes will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Those who qualify will be notified by email. 



Art Box Project Themes + Materials by Week


Week ONE

Let’s Ross It!

Following the contemporary view of nature brought to you by artist Will Kwan and the traditional view from Bob Ross, this week, we’ll explore how nature plays a dynamic role around us and connects us all.

Mediums: painting, printing, watercolour and collage.


Week TWO

Who me? Yes you!

This week is separate from the rest as we get to know ourselves a little better by thinking about who we are and our place in the world. Includes a pre-cut camera template, ready for personalized memories.

Mediums: acetate collage, watercolour, acrylics.



I’m Bansky

Inspired by the Painters 11 abstract art and contemporary graffiti artist Banksy, we discover stencils and street art techniques. The kids will love this – let’s hope it doesn’t end up as your new wall covering!

Mediums: ink, soft pastels, paint.



Get Your Sea Legs On

No, this isn’t about dolphins and seahorses; we look at the functionality, movement, and pacifying qualities of different bodies of water. This week includes a project with artist quality air dry clay.

Mediums: clay, styro and mono printing, relief mixed media.



To Infinity and Beyond

Fancy the world of fantasy? We open the doors to imaginary plants, creatures, maps, and castles in outer space. Includes a mixed media sculpture challenge!

Mediums: oil pastels, sculpture, block printing.


Week SIX

We Are Family

Family puppets, stories, and a bizarre family head? What a way to round off your summer camp box experience! This week will be a talking point for all, so be prepare to get involved.

Mediums: mixed media, stencils, felt.