Hot Topics: The 2012 OAAG Awards

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Last Friday, the Ontario Association of Art Galleries (OAAG) hosted the 35th annual Ontario visual arts awards. Thirty-two visual art galleries from 19 cities across Ontario were nominated this year, and the RMG was included.

The OAAG Awards recognize artistic merit and excellence in nine major categories: Exhibition, Curatorial and Art Writing, Public Program, Education, Art Publication, Design, Partnership, Colleague and Volunteer. The Awards are an annual, juried program.

I’m pleased to be able to announce today that the RMG won in two categories!

(Here’s our CEO Gabrielle Peacock accepting an award! Photo by Roberta Baker)


Samuel Roy-Bois: Polarizer was at the RMG in November 2009-January 2010 and continued to travel to galleries across Canada through 2011. You may remember the long claustrophobic passage punctuated with a bright boat installation.


Exhibition Design and Installation Award


Samuel Roy-Bois: Polarizer
Ryan Doherty, Curator
Samuel Roy-Bois, Artist and Exhibition Designer
Samuel Roy-Bois, Marcie Bronson, Danny Custodio, Matt Harley, Gallery Team
Rodman Hall Art Centre/ Brock University, Southern Alberta Art Gallery and The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, 2011


In late 2009 and early 2010, Underline Studio studied our existing identity, and then underwent a design process to renew it, resulting in a new logo identity program. Pictured below are some samples of how that identity has been used in printed items such as newsletters, letterhead and business cards. We have continued to infuse everything we do with our new brand identity and are very pleased Underline Studio was honoured for their work in conceiving a welcoming, friendly, expressive logo for our use across many platforms.

Design Award

Identity Renewal
Underline Studio
Identity Renewal for The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa


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