Get to Know Us – Membership Co-ordinator, Elsy Gould

At the RMG, we often get asked about what we do each day, how we got into the crazy museum world and also what skills would be needed to do our jobs. With graduation looming for many college and university students, we will be profiling members of our team to shed some light on what it is we do behind the scenes!

Today we sat down with Membership Co-ordinator Elsy Gould to learn more about her daily routine and how she came to the gallery.


Selfie with Elsy Gould and Norah O’Donnell

The RMG: What’s a typical day like for you?

Elsy Gould: Every day at the RMG is different! I am always in communication with our members to let them know what is happening as well as welcoming new members to the Gallery. I also help at the Information desk, so I am meeting new faces as they come in to check out new exhibitions. I enjoy listening to the Membership feedback.

My days can include:

  • Updating Gallery Members’ accounts – send renewal notices, process memberships, prepare tax receipts
  • Planning our annual Membership appreciation event.
  • Updating our members with a monthly news letter
  • Assisting our CEO as required and helping to plan meetings
  • Coordinating between Board of Trustees and the RMG and sssembling reports for the bi-monthly Board of Trustee meetings
  • Preparing the weekly banking forms and assisting with finances
  • Assisting at the Information desk and answering visitor questions

RMG: How did you get into this field?

EG: My interest in the arts and office administration experience lead me to the RMG. A number of years ago, an opportunity presented itself and I have enjoyed being at the Gallery ever since.


curling team

RMG Curling Team- Olinda, Elsy, Jason, Sam

RMG: What skills or training do you need for your job?

EG: Recently, I was trained on our new membership management software; it was both interesting and engaging! I think a good sense of humour and customer service is key for this role.

RMG: What’s your favourite part of your job?

EG: I enjoy chatting and mingling with our members, new and old, while listing to the music at RMG Fridays!

RMG Staff Jennifer, Elsy, Cheryl-Ann and Norah

RMG Staff Jennifer, Elsy, Cheryl-Ann and Norah

RMG: What are 5 things you couldn’t live without in your job?

EG: My computer, my day planner, members, volunteers and my RMG colleagues.

RMG: What do you get up to outside of the RMG?

EG: I enjoy biking, cross-country skiing, movies and going through my collection of cookbooks and trying new recipes. I also love yoga so you’ll find me at the yoga studio!

rmg exposed

RMG exposed 2015 planning team- Megan, Elsy, Norah, Sam and Jason