RMG Fridays 5th Anniversary – What a Night!

Samantha Pender is a second year Public Relations student at Durham College and is completing her first communications placement at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery this winter. 


Now that RMG Fridays 5th Anniversary has come and gone and all the excitement has wound down for the week, I can finally look back at the awesome night we had.

With so much going on, from musicians to dancers to Museum Hack, just to name a few, it’s hard to pick my favourite moment. So instead of choosing just one amazing moment from the night that stood out, I’m going to reminisce about a few of my favourite parts from the RMG Fridays 5th Anniversary.

RMG Fridays

RMG Fridays 5th Anniversary. Photo by Linda Ryde.

The two musicians, Annie Sumi and Jamie Drake, captivated almost everyone in the gallery. The gallery was packed with so many people; I couldn’t even squeeze in to get pictures. To see everyone enjoying the music and back up dancers from O’Neill was so amazing.

Speaking of the dancers, the O’Neill Senior Dance Ensemble nailed their performance as they kicked off the night. Everyone was mesmerized and it was so awesome to see that level of synchronization and talent. I was pleasantly surprised to see different members of the ensemble dancing in place throughout the gallery, as I had forgotten about their stand still performances throughout the night. It was such a cool experience to see these different expressions of dance right here in Oshawa.


RMG Fridays 5th Anniversary. Photo by Mat Calverley.

The Living Room supplied the studio activity for the night, and it really turned up the party vibe. I saw so many people from kids to adults sporting handmade party hats throughout the night, and it really added a fun element to the whole party. To add to the party theme of the night, there were amazingly delicious and colourful cupcakes. What’s a party without cake? The cupcakes might actually have secretly been my favourite part of the night.

Museum hack Tour

RMG Fridays 5th Anniversary. Photo by Mat Calverley.

Some of the other events I didn’t quite get to see, like Museum Hack’s awesome and innovative tour of the galleries and the Friday Film Features screening of “Thank you for supporting the arts” from Eastdale C.V.I. and “7 Deadly Sins” from Sinclair Secondary Dancers, were packed with eager attendees as well. Art & Technique Academy of Hairstyling and Aesthetics mixed up their creativity on our faces too! I had a purple 5 on my face to celebrate the 5th Anniversary, and I saw other happily painted faces too!

Living Room

RMG Fridays 5th Anniversary. Photo by Bronwen Green.

The finished painting from JR Hunter was phenomenal. I was astounded at the end of the night, seeing how he encompassed every aspect of the event into his magnificent painting. It really captured the essence of the night.

RMG Fridays

Photo by Linda Ryde.

All in all, the RMG Fridays 5th Anniversary was an amazing night with so many awesome things happening. And as hard as it is to pick my favourite moment, I think the few I shared sums up what a wonderful time everyone including myself had. Happy five years, RMG Fridays!


RMG Fridays 5th Anniversary. Photo by Linda Ryde.


RMG Fridays Turns Five!

The RMG is celebrating the 5th Anniversary of RMG Fridays in February, and we couldn’t be more excited! The gallery strives to bring together local talent and community, and after five #shwasome years, we are proud of all we have accomplished through these events!

RMG Fridays is a free event held on the first Friday of every month that combines live music, art and film from Oshawa, Durham Region and GTA artists. The RMG is passionate about its roots in Oshawa and the surrounding area, and we show this appreciation by bringing in a majority of our entertainment from the Durham Region. How much have we accomplished? In 2015, RMG Fridays welcomed 2593 guests, and 57% of them were new. We acquired 38 community sponsors, 25 bands and 15 exhibition tours. We think this is something definitely worth celebrating.

Next month on February 5th the RMG will be the place to be. Don’t to miss this party! The lineup of music is incredible, we’ll be screening an exciting film, and we have a few other tricks up our sleeve too. From our own backyard, Annie Sumi will be representing her hometown of Whitby with her indie-folk sound as she serenades the gallery with the first set of the night.

Annie Sumi

Following Annie is an exciting percussionist, Jamie Drake, who will be playing his tunes on a different kind of drum set. If you like the sound of that, you’ll want to stick around until the end when he bangs out a few more pieces for our moving art to dance to. No, the Painters Eleven pieces aren’t jumping off the wall to dance, but the O’Neill Senior Dance Ensemble, who will be performing throughout the night all over the gallery, will end the night with a performance featuring Jamie Drake.

Jamie Drake

The RMG has a couple more surprises in store for our big event. We’ve invited Museum Hack to the gallery! Museum Hack is a museum touring company that turns a regular tour into an unforgettable adventure! Described as “not your grandma’s museum tour”, these exciting tour guides will be taking five groups of 10 people each on an exciting trip around the RMG. Make sure to sign up for a tour as soon as you arrive; museum buffs and eccentric art lovers alike definitely won’t want to miss this adventure.

Museum Hack Tour Guides

While the gallery buzzes with music, dancing and art, we also have artist JR Hunter painting live with inspiration from the night’s festivities. Make sure to mark your calendars as RMG Night on February 5th from 7-10pm. There may be a few other surprises in store you won’t want to miss!