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Psychedelic Oshawa

Dani Crosby, Strawberry Fields 1970, digitally coloured illustration, 2019.











Curated by Gary Genosko

Psychedelic Oshawa recovers and reimagines a formative period in the city’s cultural awakening during the turbulent years of the 1960s and early 1970s. Contemporary artists
from Durham Region and beyond were invited by guest curator Gary Genosko to use historical artefacts as springboards to create new works that bring past events and imagery into focus. These new works are paired with historical reference materials, including photographs, paper ephemera, and obsolete media such as 8-track tapes. Made with hand-knit wool, digital colour illustration, felt, screen printing, paint, yarn, and beeswax, these diverse works pay tribute to a poorly documented era, celebrating its strengths and underappreciated accomplishments.

Gary Genosko is an independent curator and professor at Ontario Tech University in Oshawa. Contributing artists include Dani Crosby, Monique Brent, Nicole Marhong, Len de Graaf, and Bob Bryden, as well as photojournalists Jeff Good and Fred Ross, amateur photographer Scott Cisco, printmaker Hannah Genosko, sound artist Christof Migone, textile artist and art historian Alison Ariss, graphic designer Kai Pinkerton, curator and video artist Doug Lewis (with painter Martnya Pekala), painter Garry Gatti, designer and community artist Betty Carpick, and illustrator Desmond Clancy.