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Community Curates Week 2

July 11th, 2011

Here’s your chance to vote in Week 2 of our Community Curates project! Click here to see the results from Week 1.

Last week we were asked in the comments why we did not include the dimensions of the works. This was an intentional choice. Leaving out the dimensions allows there to be an element of surprise when you come to the gallery in September to see these works hung. Some large, some small, these works will look quite different in person than they do online. Part of what makes this project interesting is the dynamic between seeing works online and then later on, in person. Our Window Wednesdays project on Facebook illustrates to us that our ‘fans’ enjoy us bringing the gallery to them through social media, but we’ve heard many comments that they are surprised when seeing the works in the gallery how different they appear. Size, texture, richness and tone are lost on screen. 

Here are this week’s selections. Have your say. Top two choices will be hung in the gallery from 23 September, 2011 to 11 March, 2012.

Week 2:


1. Stanley Bevington (Canadian, b.1943)

Tracks (Editions 1)  1974

offset photolithograph on paper

Gift of the Ontario Arts Council, 1974


2. David Bierk (Canadian, b. U.S.A., 1944 – 2002)

Covering Repression (Arts Against Repression)  1982

serigraph and photolithograph on paper

Purchase, 1982


3. David Milne (Canadian, 1882 – 1953)

Red Church, No. 3  1941

watercolour and graphite on paper

Gift from the Douglas M. Duncan Collection, 1970


4.Tutzi Haspel Seguin (Canadian, 1911-2009)

Untitled  n.d.

etching and aquatint on paper

Gift of Joan Murray, Whitby, 1996


5. Alan Weinstein (Canadian, b. 1939)

Vizier  1971

etching and drypoint on paper

Gift of the artist, 1976


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