A Visionary Journey

June 6th, 2015 – October 4th, 2015

In 2013, the RMG invited Toronto and Prince Edward County-based collector Terri Lipman to share works by women artists from her vast collection. The exhibition, a riot of colour, form, texture, and subjects struck a chord with our audience and we were keen to revisit Terri’s eclectic and inspiring collection. This offering focusses on work by male artists.

There is a distinct difference between buying art and collecting art. Inevitably, collecting brings with it emotional responses, memories, connections. The latter is certainly the case for Terri Lipman.

Her collection was inspired by that of her parents’ and she has fond memories of her mother taking her to galleries and antique shops as a child. Thus began a passion for collecting historical art. But Lipman found that collecting the art of living artists was ultimately more fulfilling; she began to visit artists’ studios and make the links between the historic work in her collection and what she saw in contemporary practices.

Terri Lipman expresses her thoughts on the work in her collection:

There is a thread that links the old with the new. These artists have a reverence, knowledge and respect for their Canadian modernist predecessors not to mention their incredible skill and technique. They carry the torch but have a fresh approach and vision—a clear and strong sense of their place.

Meeting and forming relationships with artists led to introductions to others and their work—indeed, she credits artists as her mentors whose generosity have made her the collector that she is today.

As with the work of women artists, Lipman continues to be inspired by evidence of the “hand”—texture, form and colour. Her collection forms a continuum between the old and new as her vision continues to evolve.

Contemporary Artists:

  • Jay Isaac
  • Roberto Rosenman
  • Adrian Williams
  • David Doig
  • Andreas Drenters
  • Noel Middleton
  • Jeffrey Harrison
  • Morley Shayuk
  • Eli Langer
  • Simon Muscat
  • Andre Ethier
  • Robert Webster
  • Scott Mcdermid
  • Jerome Couelle
  • John Anderson
  • Jon Todd
  • Scott Griffin

Historical Artists:

  • William Ronald
  • Rolph Scarlett
  • Joseph Sydney Hallam
  • Gordon Mckinnley Webber
  • Ants Vomm
  • Bertram Brooker
  • Paavo Airola
  • Louis Archambault
  • William John Bertram Newcombe
  • Armand Flint
  • Sydney Hollinger Watson
  • Frederick Horseman Varley
  • Fritz Brandtner
  • Norman Elder
  • Phillip Surrey
  • Barker Fairley
  • Thomas Garland Greene
  • Roger-Francois Thepot
  • Hart Massey
  • Dik Zander
  • International Historical Artists:
  • Man Ray
  • Marcel Duchamp
  • Ben Nicholson
  • James Thurber
  • Lucien Weill