ab Next

April 29th, 2017 – September 3rd, 2017

Caroline Mousseau, cloud, 2016, oil on canvas (detail)

Opening reception: Friday, May 5, 7-1opm

Exhibition catalogue available here.

The exhibition ab Next serves to check in on the continuum of abstraction in Canadian art through emerging voices from across the country. The work in this exhibition by artists Colin Canary, Kelsey Galbraith, Gillian King, Caroline Mousseau and Sarah Pupo is part of a resurgence in painting in Canada by artists who have embraced painting unapologetically.

Artist and critic, Pete Smith writes that this new generation of painters, “Rather than having the intellectual pressure of defending their medium with every brushstroke, they could entirely focus their energies on the equally difficult task of making a good painting.  Indeed, these artists are in a position that is not oppositional to, for example: representational painting, Pop art, or Post-modernism, but rather can concentrate on their individual practices and how they fit into current artistic/political/social/formal/environmental issues.

Curated by Linda Jansma and Simone Wharton

ab Next is supported by Total Transportation.