Alexandra Luke and Isabel McLaughlin: Painters and Patrons

Isabel McLaughlin (Canadian, 1903 – 2002), Late in the Year, 1967, oil on canvas. Purchase, 1984.

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Canadian artists Alexandra Luke and Isabel McLaughlin were instrumental to the history and development of The Robert McLaughlin Gallery (RMG). Their invaluable support helped shape the gallery, including substantial financial support for the building and donations of artworks. Pulling together works by Luke and McLaughlin from the RMG’s collection, this exhibition celebrates these two incredible women as not only influential benefactors, but also important artists in their own right, who contributed greatly to modernist painting and abstraction in Canada.

Alexandra Luke (Canadian, 1901 – 1967), Observance to a Morn of May, c. 1957, oil on canvas. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. S. McLaughlin, 1979.