Arnold Zageris: On the Labrador

May 12th, 2012 – June 24th, 2012

This collection of thirty two large format photographic colour prints is selected from a body of work that focuses on arctic and sub-arctic regions of Canada. The images are captured using a traditional large format 4×5 view camera, technology that is unsurpassed for landscape photography in this digital age. The method allows for fine details and subtle nuances of form and texture to emerge. Though you might think the colours and contrasts have been enhanced, these works have no special filters or treatments. Zageris states his commitment is “to search and find the quality of light that can inspire the imagination.”

His combination of traditional technique and methodical patience lends him the ability to show us a world we may not see otherwise; an extraordinary view of a geographic region not often travelled. The result is a photograph with a painterly quality, bewitched with startling colours.

Such a dramatic beauty emerges that it may make you question the accuracy of the camera in portraying the subject matter. Depicting scenes both serene and rugged, these images are timeless. Beauty is extracted from the harsh landscape of rock and cliff in Labrador, creating images of curiosity.

This exhibition is Zageris’ first in Southern Ontario.