Karolina Baker: Do You Hear What I Hear? Investigating Sonic Art

September 21st, 2016 – October 30th, 2016

Karolina Baker

Karolina Baker

Reception: RMG Fridays, October 7, 7-10pm
Artist Talk: October 16, 1-3pm

I am proposing a residency to record and manipulate sound to create an audio installation. I want to isolate sounds and elevate them to noticeability. I am curious what sounds will entice visitors to enter the room. Sounds I will record will be my own voice, visitors’, local community sounds, and ideas that will come to me as I experiment daily. I want to experiment with manipulation and placement of sound.

Leah Landy from MIT will be one of my guides with his two books: Understanding the Art of Sound Organization and Making Music with Sound. I will work in the artist room and play my daily exploration in Gallery A, thus creating a rotation of sonic art; all the while working on a larger sound installation as a final piece. I would like to set Gallery A up with four speakers in the four corners and a bench in the centre for listeners. I would like to allow visitors to document their experience by having an easel with paper for them to read about the daily installation and to comment. I am undecided if I would like to inform the visitor of what the sound is? Can they guess? Should they guess? In the artist’s room, I will have my computer, a microphone, books, and various items to record.

The Art Lab residency is an excellent opportunity for me to focus and assemble a sound installation. I am very excited to learn, experiment and create via sound.


Artist’s Biography:

Born to Czech immigrant parents and raised in Kanata, Ontario, Karolina Baker currently lives in Whitby and holds a degree in Canadian Studies and Political Science from Carleton University.

It was an accidental visit to the Venice Biennial in 2001 that stirred Karolina to make art. To see art on such a large scale was unfamiliar and moved her to study sculpture, time-based media and modern art at York University in Toronto.

She is an interdisciplinary artist who works in various media: installation, printmaking, textiles and video. Karolina is thrilled to uncover patterns and minuscule experiences and elevate them to noticeability. The aim is to present the experience in a large format; making the small experience a large one. Collective experiences, ephemerality and humanness are concepts she investigates. She is motivated by artists Janet Cardiff, Douglas Coupland and Vera Frenkel. Karolina created a conceptual art piece for Gallery A at the RMG to celebrate Oshawa hosting the boxing events of the 2015 PanAm Games. She also created author Nerys Parry’s book trailer, Man and Other Natural Disasters, published by Enfield & Wizenty.