September 28th, 2024 – February 17th, 2025

Carol Martyn (Canadian, 1916-1995), Molecular Map Series #9, 1975, acrylic on gauze on canvas. Gift of Joy Walker, 1994.

Artists have often played with scale to convey significance or to demonstrate their painting abilities. Similarly, abstract artists have used large-scale art to create striking visual impact and to highlight the physicality of the process. Whether to inspire awe or elevate abstraction to new levels, the artists in this exhibition have worked at a larger-than-life, even monumental scale.

Abstraction is an important part of the RMG’s story. While the gallery frequently exhibits work by Painters Eleven, it also has an extensive collection of artworks by other important Canadian abstract artists. This exhibition brings together large-scale abstract paintings from the RMG’s permanent collection some of which have rarely been exhibited – mostly due to their sheer size. The big and bold artworks are expressive and joyful, showing that great art comes in all colours, shapes and sizes.