Home to Home

July 14th, 2015 – August 2nd, 2015

Home To Home is an exhibition which is the result of two, day-long art-making workshops for New Canadians led by Durham College Fine Arts students in partnership with the RMG and Community Development Council of Durham. The over-aching theme of this project is the experience of migration, and how people in Durham Region have recently migrated to the area. The goal for the project was to explore how art can be a catalyst for a more welcoming and inclusive Durham.

During these art-making sessions participants created three main components which will make up the work in the exhibition.



Participants were invited to create a 3-d representation of what “home” means to them. Using blank white houses (Milk cartons) participants filled the space with imagery from their original home, some representing their actual house, while others explored the scenery and symbolism. For display, these homes will be assembled into an installation, where the homes will be displayed in large open suitcases.

TO: (The journey)

A second component was a personal mapping activity where participants would draw on a map, each stop of their journey to Durham Region. These maps explore the complex and often long experience of migration and immigration.  These maps will be assembled into one large collective map in the exhibition, complete with each participants’ unique migration route.



The third component was a drawing activity where participants were invited to depict what home means to them now. These drawings will be assembled into a large wall mosaic, which represents the collective community of New Canadians making home in Durham region.