Jessica Field: Mapping Subjectivity using the Scientific Method

April 25th, 2016 – July 10th, 2016

Jessica Field

Jessica Field

Introduction: RMG Fridays May 6, 7-10pm

Artist Talk: May 15, 1-3pm

Performance – Data Collection: May 29, 2:30pm

Performance – Data Visualization: June 26, 2pm

During her residency in the Art Lab, Jessica Field will be experimenting with relational aesthetics and drawing to create a body of work that focuses on the influences that technology and science have on the way people socially develop their identities.

Through her performance research, she will be creating fictional spaces and developing relational encounters with participants to create maps of how they relate to technology and science and attempt to place how their subjective values and feelings are connected.

Most of Field’s works are parodies on the scientific methods, gender issues and the tension between subjective values, feelings, prestige and how these function in the technological complexity of our current culture.