Jo Yetter: Dripping Faucets Are My Metronome

March 1st, 2017 – March 30th, 2017

“Over the course of the residency I will create narratives with objects on shelves in the gallery.  I want these narratives to start a discussion.  I want to turn the gallery into an intimate space, so when people enter it they feel as if they are entering my story or me.

The discussion will examine objects as place makers and contextualize objects as shrines of ourselves, objects as ourselves, objects as performers, objects as honesty.  I will perform with my objects, performing my interactions with them.  The viewer will see how intimately I interact with my things and we will discuss our intimate interactions with objects.”

Artist Biography:

Jo Yetter’s artistic practice focuses on space, interpersonal relationships, identity and growth through printmaking, book arts and installation.  Documentation as an attempt to preserve an individual or relationship is both part of Jo’s practice and life.  Their constant migrating has brought forth their interest in preserving relationships because individuals are inherently transitory in our lives.  Jo exhibits in Toronto and internationally finding a home tabling at zine and book arts fairs.  Jo graduated from the printmaking program at OCAD U as winner of the Printmaking Medal 2016.  In addition, Jo studied at The University of The Arts in Philadelphia briefly on exchange.  They enjoy corners, writing and re-organizing their possessions.