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Mike Drolet: Equipoise

Artist Talk: December 6 at 1pm

Gallery A ArtLab Artist in Residence

November 03, 2015 - January 03, 2016

As the artist’s first solo exhibition, Equipoise is the continuation of research from the artist into the theme of precarious balance. The expression of balance is done through simple forms that use hard lines to dictate space and add fragility to some of the most structurally sound of materials. This method of precariousness balance allows for structures that appear sturdy to be delicate and become structures of observation not of function. Every piece within the exhibition uses very little adhesives and instead relies on element of construction, weight distribution, and the properties of materials to maintain a calculated composition.

The title Equipoise is defined as 1: a state of equilibrium, 2: Counterbalance. The term Equipoise for a title is therefore not only applicable to encompass the theme of precarious balance but also the works individually. The works are presented in such a way that they achieve a state of Equipoise.

The idea of balance is a predominant theme in many aspects of life. It was Michael’s hope to draw attention to these processes and show that independent objects can work together to produce a functioning whole; one that could not exist if even one element was missing

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Join Michael for an Artist Talk and Reception on December 6 at 1pm and learn more about his work!

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December 06, 2021 1:00 PMDecember 06, 2021 3:00 PMAmerica/TorontoMichael Drolet Artist TalkThe Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Queen Street, Oshawa, ON, CanadaThe Robert McLaughlin Gallery[email protected]

Michael Drolet is an emerging artist from Whitby, Ontario who recently completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Ottawa, where he specialized in sculpture. Mike’s current work maintains influences of geometrical shapes, methods of construction and spatial relationships that all cohesively work to produce comments on abstraction. He explores new avenues of expression, concepts and techniques, sourced from architecture, philosophy, and science.

During the residency as well as an exhibition, he will focus on sculptural abstraction and precarious balance. This method of precariousness balance is informed by Mike’s background in construction, allowing him to create structures that appear sturdy to be delicate. The works themselves do not use adhesives to maintain their upright composure but instead rely on the proper distribution of weight and synergy of elements within the structures themselves. The intention is to draw attention to these processes and show that many independent objects can work together to produce a functioning complete object. The idea of balance is a predominant theme in many aspects of life and a subject Mike continues to investigate.

This residency allows for the public to view the process in creating objects that seem to defy gravity. Mike wishes to expose and bring forth more inspiration to sculptors that may visit the gallery during his residency that live in Durham Region. For more information, please visit