Monique Ra Brent: The Painted Soul

June 23rd, 2015 – July 12th, 2015


We are born into this world a blank canvas, so large one could paint the entire universe onto it. This is your potential. Over time, various influences would like to take the brush out of your hand. Our families, our cultures, our society, or religions, and our education paint our souls. All of these brush strokes are valid, but it is up to you to decide what becomes a part of the under painting, and what you want your final masterpiece to look and feel like. So many of us allow our paintings to become what others would like to see. What is easy for them to look at is a painting that does not challenge the audience to reflect on their own works.

Here I say that the greatest pieces of art ever created were the ones that made some people uncomfortable; the ones that caused the audience to search for ways to relate.

I have a painted soul, and each of my sins, mistakes, and lessons add colour and brilliance to my experience. It is through these colours that I have learned to love.

I encourage everyone to wear colours proudly, and add to them as you see fit. The most incredible art often happens by mistake. As do the most incredible experiences in this life.

Join me for my experimental art residency and exhibit, where you can be there with me while I create, you can influence my art and be influenced by it. I will be examining the teachings of many ancient religions in order to disassemble the creation that is humanity, for the purpose of examining its elements. The audience is left with the choice of what elements they would like to keep, incorporate or paint over in their own work of art, that beautiful moment we call life. This will be a fully interactive creative platform, and you are all invited.