Nourish: Seniors Art Competition and Exhibition 2023

August 19th, 2023 – September 27th, 2023

August 19 – September 27, 2023

Exhibition Opening and Awards Reception: Wednesday, August 23, 2:30 pm (no registration required)

The Seniors Art Competition and Exhibition is a showcase of creativity and technical skill among members of the Oshawa Senior Community Centres, Oshawa Public Libraries, and The Robert McLaughlin Gallery. Featuring paintings, drawings, sculpture, and more, this annual community exhibition is structured around a competition theme. This year, the theme is nourish.

2023 Winners:

In the NOVICE category…

The RUNNER UP is Marian Vink for her sculpture Dance.

The WINNER is Renate Belzing. The jury describes Renates’s mixed media artwork, titled Life Finds a Way as “a unique and cohesive interpretation of a weathered landscape.” They were excited by her use of materials, which capture “a windswept scene with impressive depth, scale and colour.” The textures and tactile nature of the work transported them to the beach!

In the HOBBY category…

The RUNNER UP is Kim McIntyre for her work Wood Nymph.

The WINNER is Grant F. Benham for his piece Savannah Traffic (Trade to Nourish a Nation) which the jury describes as “a beautiful, well-composed work with a great sense of movement, both in form and subject matter. The creative approach to the theme points to the complex systems that support human life on a global scale. Technically, the work is strong and expressive, and the jury loved the expert use of a modest canvas to capture such a monumental concept.”

In the OPEN category…

The RUNNER UP is Marijatta Beasley for her collage Fun with Fruit.

The WINNER is Darryl Thorogood for his painting Eugene,which the jury describes as “an expressive work of painstaking detail that captures an ordinary moment with great feeling and pride. Darryl’s interpretation of the theme points to the importance of farming and his treatment of his medium is both captivating and impressive.”

Congratulations to all the winners!

The Seniors Art Competition and Exhibition is co-hosted by The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa Senior Community Centres, and the Oshawa Public Libraries.