Then and Now: Legislation, Education and Salvation

April 26th, 2014 – August 24th, 2014

In the third instalment of the Then and Now project, which is in partnership with the Oshawa Senior Citizens’ Camera Club, three subjects are explored: civic buildings, schools and churches. While these may seem like three entirely separate components, civic centers, schools and places of worship are among the first to be established in the formation of new communities. With these institutions in mind and using images from the Thomas Bouckley Collection as a starting point, the Oshawa Senior Citizens’ Camera Club have photographed these thematic locations as they appear today, with a focus on the downtown core of Oshawa.

The early settlers of Oshawa concentrated their efforts on establishing these important institutions. At one point in Oshawa’s history, churches existed on almost every corner of the downtown. While today places of worship of all faiths are located throughout Oshawa, in this exhibition the earliest existing churches in its downtown are explored. Educationally, one-room schoolhouses were the norm, but over time, larger schools increased in number and opened to accommodate the growing population. This constant growth is also reflected in the various locations used by Oshawa’s council and government bodies since its early days as a Village to the present.

A big thank you to the Oshawa Senior Citizens’ Camera Club for once again telling the continuing story of Oshawa in their exploration of yesterday and today.