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Meet Stephen Dick, our Manager of Protection Services

July 19th, 2016

Stephen Dick is our Manager of Protection Services. You may recognise him as you walk into the gallery as the friendly greeter who knows everything about the gallery (and kindly asks you to leave your backpack at security). Ask Steve about the drums next time you visit!

The RMG: What’s a typical day like for you?

Stephen Dick: My typical day starts early. I’m usually the first one in the Gallery – except for our industrious Senior Curator Linda Jansma. I have to go through the whole building and basically open every door and check every room to make sure everything is alright and there are no safety or maintenance problems. If anything needs attention, I make a note of it on a daily report and make sure the right people are notified to correct it. I also turn on lights and activate any gallery exhibits that involve audio/visual or computer components. When that’s done, I unlock the front doors for staff to come in and settle in behind the front desk to keep an eye on the gallery with our monitors and direct incoming phone calls. I will greet visitors to the gallery and answer any questions they may have. With Google at my fingertips, I really should be able to find an answer for anything and everything!

steve museum selfie

Steve during Museum Selfie Day

RMG: How did you get into this field?

SD: I got into this field when I returned to my hometown of Toronto after being in Vancouver for many years. I was a full time performing musician and music teacher but decided to pursue full time work after being an independent contractor for so long and knowing other musicians that had transitioned into the security field as well.

RMG: What skills or training do you need for your job?

SD: I enrolled in the course, took the test and submitted to all the background checks required to obtain my Ontario Security Guard licence. I was then lucky enough to receive my first assignment as a part-time security guard at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery. It made me feel very comfortable still being in an art environment and the staff and visitors were a real pleasure to work with. Since being offered the job as full-time security manager for the gallery, I’ve found it even more interesting. I’ve discovered the positive things about being part of an incredible team of people that have a complete love and knowledge of the art world as well as the people, business and management skills to make the RMG what it is now and to take it into the future.


Steve and a new friend

RMG: What’s your favourite part of your job?

SD: My favourite part of the job is helping someone in any way possible and making them feel valued and welcomed to the Gallery. Also rewarding is the smile and appreciation many new Canadians get when I process their Cultural Access Pass granting them admission for their families to many other cultural institutions like ours.

RMG: What are 5 things you couldn’t live without in your job?

SD: Some of the crucial things I need to do my job would be:

  • My gallery surveillance system monitors.
  • City of Oshawa computer connection with MS Office, Google, and organized access to all of my files.
  • My phone with quick connections to every staff member & voicemail.
  • My memory for all of the passwords I need to run our various security systems software & hardware.
  • Post-it notes for keeping track of all the daily details and messages relayed to me by visitors and staff!

RMG: What do you get up to outside of the RMG?

SD: When I’m not here at the RMG, I’m still an active musician performing and recording with several groups and also playing to my favourite music in my home studio. I will be performing for our RMG Friday here on September 9 with a band I have been working with comprised of musicians from here and Ottawa.


Fiuran Band



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