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National Philanthropy Day: AWCCU Financial

November 15th, 2017

Philanthropy is you and me, doing what we can, where we are and with what we have. National Philanthropy Day® celebrates the charitable work that EVERYONE does to make a difference in their communities —what you do from the heart makes a difference!

National Philanthropy Day is recognized on Nov. 15, but we celebrate what you do throughout the year. You make a difference every day!

Meg Cox from AWCCU chats with the crowd about the imprtance of community building events.

Meg Cox from AWCCU chats with the crowd about the imprtance of community building events.

The Robert McLaughlin Gallery is a place where emerging talents explore and develop their skills, where children build confidence, explore their imagination and where families can create together. We’re able to do this better than ever before with the support of AWCCU Financial.

AWCCU Financial generously provides funding for RMG Fridays. Enjoyed by over 3,100 people last year, their support has had immeasurable impact not only to those members who have been given the opportunity to share, explore and engage in the arts, but also to the local businesses and organizations who display their purpose.

“It’s about bringing people together and making things happen in Oshawa, Durham. It just gets bigger from there”. Meghyn Cox, AWCCU Financial

We are proud to say we are a partner with AWCCU Financial.




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