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These guides will encourage students to look at, discuss and respond to abstractions, landscapes, portraits, still life and sculptural artworks from the RMG’s Permanent Collection. These guides particularly focuses on abstract paintings and drawings by members of the Painters Eleven along with other prominent Canadian artists. Each guide features information about the artists and their artworks, discussion prompts, a hands-on art activity and extended learning ideas/topics.


JK/SK to Grades 1-3: Art and Symmetry

What is symmetry? How does it create that perfectly balanced feel? Let’s take a tour of some stunning artworks and decide if we like our art to be balanced or prefer our art to be wild!

Then, lean into your artistic side and either draw or stamp your way to a gorgeous symmetry-inspired masterpiece!

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Grades 1-3: Art and Still Life

What in the world is a still life and why do artists even make them? What are the do’s and don’ts for making them. Let’s also take a shot at guessing what modern artists might have picked as their subjects.

Then, it’s time to get hands-on and create your very own still life, all while learning the rules to help you make an amazing masterpiece.

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Grades 1-3: Art and Patterns

Patterns are everywhere! Can you spot them? Practice drawing patterns while learning about artist who use patterns in their artwork.

See what patterns you can find around you and play our pattern inspired games. Then use your new knowledge of patterns to make your own pattern inspired artwork!

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Grades 4-6: Art and Canadian Identity

Learn about national identity and re-evaluate the definition of what it is to be Canadian. Discuss how identity both unites and excludes.

Take on the task of creating your own art expressing your vision of Canada’s new identity.

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Grades 4-8: Art and Science

What are the links between art and science? How are artists inspired by scientific curiosity? How is art used to support scientific explanations?

Play some fun games, learn about artists who were inspired by science, and take on the ultimate S.T.E.M. challenge and build you own working automata!

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Grades 4-8: Art and Fashion

Learn about the psychology of colour, the strategy behind branding colours in graphic design and how artists are inspired by fashion.

Challenge yourself with our guessing game and create your own art to see if your friends can guess your iconic inspiration!

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Grades 4-8: Art and Music

What does art and music have in common? Is it possible to see sound? Learn how art and music are similar and how artists often take inspiration from the music they hear.

Explore what it means to draw sound and create your own artwork based on a famous orchestral jazz piece.

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Grades 4-12: Art and Monochromatic Colours

Increase your understanding of colour and how and why artist use monochromatic colour schemes in their artwork.

Choose from one of two art lessons to create your own monochromatic abstract while refining your skill of mixing subtle shades and tints.

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