Annual Giving Campaign: Help us connect communities through art

We’re proud of the work we do to support artists, inspire creativity in our community, and provide a space where everyone feels like they belong.  We believe that art can be transformational to people’s lives.  Our youth programs and creation of The Backyard at the RMG this year showed us the impact we can have. 

Our youth arts program

When we trialed our youth after school art program last year, the response was overwhelming –

                “I love this program!”

                “This class is so exciting to come to!”

                “Farah is amazing!”

Naturally, we had to continue.  Our Youth and Programming Assistant, Farah, has been instrumental in creating a fun, brave space for youth to experiment with art and build connections with each other.   Participants come every Thursday after school, have begun volunteering in our other learning programs, and see a path to participating more actively in the life of the gallery

This program, like many others, is at risk without the support of donors like you.

The new Backyard at the RMG

The redevelopment of the greenspace behind the gallery from a rarely used pathway to an artist-designed, nature-filled, outdoor space has provided an oasis in downtown Oshawa.  Involvement of our Community Advisory Circle ensured we integrated feedback and built relationships.  It helped two participating members from The Gap Committee feel like the RMG was their space, too.  A place where everyone is welcome and belongs. If you want to learn more about this project, check out this video.

You can also check out the page dedicated to phase 1 of this project here.

The Backyard demonstrates how we continually try to meet community where they want to connect.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, we all experienced varying levels of grief and trauma.  The Backyard project felt like a way that we could start to bring community together, to promote well-being through connection to each other, to art, and to nature. 

Donor Profile: Cheryl B.

Often the greatest projects come from bright minds coming together to share ideas and possibilities.  This is exactly how the Camp in a Box project for Durham Region was imagined back in 2021.  How could we reach and help more children and families during the second summer of the pandemic, when everyone’s well-being and connection to each other was at an all-time low?  Long-time donor, member, and Chair of the Board of Directors at the time, Cheryl B. said “what about a summer camp experience in a box?”

Cheryl is a visionary.  She believes in the power of art and culture to transform lives, and is always looking for ways to help children and youth.  Cheryl is also a person of action.  She immediately pledged $1,000 to kick-start funding for the project and to inspire others to give.  The RMG leveraged Cheryl’s donation to raise $37,798 to fund activities from 21 non-profit organizations across Durham Region for 500 families. 

“There is no greater joy then providing a catalyzing gift to support children and youth in our community. I look forward to finding new and exciting ways to contribute to the next generation of arts, culture and museum lovers.”

Cheryl B.

We are grateful to Cheryl for her creativity, commitment, and ongoing support of the RMG to connect communities through art. 

Join Cheryl in supporting this year’s Annual Giving Campaign to build community arts engagement.

To match our ambitions to our resources, meet the demands of operating our building, and continue our community programming, we need your support for our Annual Giving Campaign.