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Take a deeper dive into the exhibition Primary Structures by local artist Ron Eccles

November 22nd, 2021

“The painting process feeds you as much as you feed it, it tells you what to do.” – Ron Eccles

After two years of planning, we were pleased to open local artist Ron Eccles’ first solo exhibition at the RMG in over 30 years. With a career spanning more than five decades, Primary Structures focuses on a recent series by the artist called “White Line Compositions” and also includes additional works created within the last fifteen years. Eccles brings a printmaker’s eye and attention to his painting process; his works are layered and complex, yet beautifully simple to the viewer. Strong lines lead you in and out of the work, while shapes and bold colours hold your attention, and small details make you lean in a little closer.

Large-scale paintings by Eccles filled the walls of the upper Luke Gallery from August 3rd to November 7th and although this portion of the exhibition is now closed, the works installed in our P11 Corridor remain on view until December 5th, 2021. Don’t miss your chance to see the Corridor portion of this exhibition while you still can!


View of Primary Structures in the Upper Luke Gallery, 2021. Photograph by Darren Rigo

View of Primary Structures in the Upper Luke Gallery. Photograph by Darren Rigo.

Earlier this fall we chatted with the artist about his process, the stories behind some of his paintings, the use of line, colour, and shape in his compositions, and how he knows when a painting is finished.

Learn more about this exhibition from our Curator, Sonya Jones, in this recording of our October Culture Chat!

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